More about me

Where I have been: I was born in Ohio, raised in Michigan, schooled in Montréal. I worked in Manhattan, lived in Brooklyn, and survived in San Francisco. I did research in Berkeley. I now teach and write in Austin.

Where I have studied and worked: I studied both nuclear physics and Spanish literature at Michigan State University, from which I graduated with High Honors in 2001. In 2003 I received an M.Sc in theoretical high-energy physics from McGill University and a few years later I quit my Ph.D. in quantum computing to become a writer. I was an editor at a  science magazine, to which I contributed frequent articles for a few years, and I left to write a book. I have been a Visiting Scholar at UC, Berkeley and I am now a Visiting Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin, where I also teach writing.

What I like: My interests include Spanish literature, fiction and criticism, physics, math, personal essays, and the history of science.

For those who are interested, a more extensive CV is here.